Frankis works with a modular CAD/CAM program with 2D and 3D CAD as well as extensive functions for planning and monitoring the manufacturing process.

Today, powerful software is a necessary condition for efficient sheet metal manufacturing. The software we work with has a comprehensive feature set but is still easy to manage. We easily and smoothly design tailor-made parts with high precision. Cutting plans and bending programs are created with a few keystrokes. The entire manufacturing process is planned and monitored efficiently, so that we always have a full overview and can perform the assignments in an optimal way.


Maskinpark legotillverkning
Our machines
  • Laser Cutting Machine Bystronic By Sprint
    Fiber 3015.
  • Edge machine Bystronic to RFR, Lmax = 4m,
    320 tons, fully controlled, elevated stroke.
  • Edge machine Bystronic to Black, Lmax = 3m,
    320 tons, fully controlled, Elevated stroke.
  • Mig and Tig weld for most materials.
  • Welding licenses for various materials.
  • Rollers tmax= 6mm.
  • CNC saw and a larger manual.
  • Drill and bunch of machines.
  • Complete grinding workshop for RFR.
  • Lathe and milling cutter for the small series
    (not controlled) however digital.
  • Computer program to propagate STP files
    linked to laser and edge machines.
  • Glass blasting plant 50sqm.