About us

Together with our customers we find themost optimal solution for each product

Who are we?

Frankis is located in Landskrona in the southern part of Sweden. Here we operate out of modern facilities with over 3800 sqm floorspace. We have been here since the start in 2005 and we are today more than 20 employees working together in a team.

What do we want?

At Frankis, we understand that your success is our success, and we do everything in our power to contribute to your competitiveness.

The passion for the profession and a burning interest in new technology means that we are growing rapidly and are creating a modern engineering company, where traditional and solid craftsmanship is combined with the technology of the future.

High quality at impactful prices is what our customers have been spoiled with. Frankis goal to be an example for the industry means
that the company needs to be constantly evolving. The head start is achieved by combining new, advanced technology with solid craftsmanship and an “outside the box”

About us at Frankis

Here is a mixed group where everyone is passionate about moving Frankis forward, we help each other and put the customer in focus, but in order for us to get there, we make various investments all the time.

On two occasions a year we close down on a Friday to clean and maintain the whole production line and it is not uncommon to see our CEO standing outside sweeping the workshop.


As we grow, it is even more important that we send what the customer ordered to the right quality and at the right time.